Education is at the heart of our mission here at Sagarmatha Next. The purpose of education is multi-fold.

Students, through learning opportunities
Geography & History of the Himalayan mountains
Local culture & traditions
Creative use of waste materials

Inspiring environment & materials to create unique art
An opportunity to interact with local artists, artisans, community
Art education for school children

Visitors & Tourism
Awareness & understanding of the environment they are visiting, through interactive experiences
Add to the local economy
Help in preserving the Sagarmatha National Park for future tourists, by visiting us & spreading awareness for sustainable tourism


Renewed respect & reverence for the natural, cultural & spiritual importance of Sagarmatha
Local Communities, through income generating opportunities
Collection & recycling facilities
Local handicrafts & souvenir production & shop
Promotion of tourism

  • Interpretation Centre
  • This is the main visitor Center, information about Sagarmatha Next, the Khumbu region including, History, Geography, Culture, Climbing & Trekking, Flora & Fauna as well as Nature Preservation and Environmental Sustainability. The Interpretation Centre will focus on offering visitors fact-finding, and a variety of information thru inspirational experiences via the film salon, where films/documentaries will be shown, an exhibition area with digital touch screens, interactive modules & quizzes as well Virtual Reality stations with exciting visual experiences
  • Fabrication Lab
  • The main part will be the work space and the artist studio where invited artists and designers will be able to create and produce their artwork and designed products. This part will be open for visitors to see and follow the creative work and production of artwork and products. There will also be options for visitors to enlist and participate in workshops and create products & art themselves.