Calling artists, local and international, we use Art as a tool to spread awareness about the waste management problem, conduct courses, and work with the local community, to use fabrication tools, and upcycle waste to create products that could potentially be sold in our Shop.


The Fabrication Lab – here invited artists and designers will be able to create and produce their artwork, and design products for sale in the Shop.

It will be open for visitors to see and follow the creative work and production of artwork and products.

There will also be options for visitors to enlist and participate in workshops and create products & art themselves.



The Gallery – an exhibition space where visitors can interact with the work created by the artists.

The Shop will exhibit and offer for sale products and souvenirs made out of waste at the Center.



To start our first art residency program we're starting our first Waste to Art Project along with Taragaon Museum, Kathmandu. To get involved, click here.