Calling artists, local and international, we use Art as a tool to spread awareness about the waste management problem, conduct courses, and work with the local community, to use fabrication tools, and upcycle waste to create products that could potentially be sold in our Shop.

The Fabrication Lab – here invited artists and designers will be able to create and produce their artwork, and design products for sale in the Shop.

It will be open for visitors to see and follow the creative work and production of artwork and products.

There will also be options for visitors to enlist and participate in workshops and create products & art themselves.

The Gallery – an exhibition space where visitors can interact with the work created by the artists.

The Shop will exhibit and offer for sale products and souvenirs made out of waste at the Center.



Storywall, first side: The Challenge

Title: The Challenges of Sagarmatha

  • Focus on the challenge section of the message
  • A graphical map/mountainside showing a little bit of history and what increasing amounts of visitors have impacted the region. A visual represantation of how Everest itself is not the problem: it's in the volumes of waste and the challenge from trekkers.
  • Types of waste, categorized and with amounts to make it easy to grasp the scope of the waste problem. maybe 3-4 different categories with a touch-and-feel concept.
    One physical item for each waste category mounted to the wall in a "touch & feel" type of style.
    • Example: Pet-bottle, Oxygen canister, household trash, Gas canister, household trash, Gas conisters
    • We will need to sync this with the reports and facts about trash categories.


We have seen some great concepts of furniture being made out of PET-bottles or other trash and though that it would be nice to have some sitting possibilities in the IC.

We're showing these concepts now so we can continue discussing if you already have thought about this or if this could be something produced in the workshop area.

This is perhaps something that can't be finished for the opening of the centre but the seed of an idea we want to plant now.Something to be produced in the future.