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The Sagarmatha National Park is a 1,148 km2 (1.5 times the area of New York City) Protected area in the Himalayas, in Eastern Nepal.

A UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, it is home to 3,500 Sherpa people, hosts rich bio-diversity, topographical diversity, flora and fauna, and climate variations.

The world meets here every year – upwards of 50,000 visitors descend here annually, from over 20 countries.

Sagarmatha Next:
A Himalayan Rendezvous

Sagarmatha Next will be the driver for tourism’s sustainability in the Sagarmatha National Park. Tens of thousands of visitors descend here annually, and experience the journey of a lifetime. While they take back their memories, and life-altering experiences, we hope that they take back to the world, this message of – what’s next?!

The streams of Education, Art, Entertainment, and Waste Management, while not always natural allies, come together naturally and beautifully for us here at Sagarmatha Next, our mountain museum & waste management center. They come together to tell a story.

Stories of the mountains, of the people, of the waste pollution, of change, of the way forward. Some you may have heard before, some might be your own stories. But never like this . . . The past, the future, and what happens in between – but that is a story we decide together. Through our shared experiences, and shared stories.

What’s Next?

Next for the environment?
Next for tourism?
Next for sustainability?
Next for trekking this route every year!?

We hope to make Sagarmatha Next a fulcrum for these discussions.

As passionate trekkers, nature enthusiasts, adrenaline seekers, and calm-seekers, from all over the world gather, and we can figure this out, together.


Our Team

Meet the people who are making this happens.

More than 35,000 climbers visit the Everest Region annually. This number was less than 1000 in 1970.

"With this rapid growth in the number of tourists, the mountains are suffering and acute lack of infrastructure. Our team is striving to tackle a small part of this problem, by building a sustainable waste management ecosystem. We hope to make tourism sustainable for all stakeholders, and most importantly, for Mt Everest, a.k.a Sagarmatha.

Welcome to Sagarmatha Next."

- Varun Saraf

Varun Saraf

Social Entrepreneur

Tommy Gustafsson

Project Director

Natasha Mittal Saraf

Creative Director

Roshan Mishra

Taragaon Museum Director

Phinjo Sherpa



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