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June 12th 2018
: Blog Post nr. 5
Tashi Delek!

After a 3 ½ months break during the winter season, phase two work, building all the stone walls of the four buildings started first week of April!
Now after two months the work is progressing and slowly but steadily the shape and form of the buildings are coming alive, which is very exciting!
Even though we are slightly behind schedule due to transportation challenges we are still hopeful to be able to catch up and stay with the original timeplan and open the centre in Springtime of 2019!

The project is expanding, added to the construction part is all the planning and preparations for creating a unique and interesting content for the Centre.
This includes contacting and attracting potential artists from all over the world for collaborations, working with SuperLocal(our Dutch designers) to create a first designed product line, produce digital & non digital exhibitions and an introductory film as well as search for and secure unique Virtual Reality material.

We are also soon about to start planning together with the local waste management organization Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee/SPCC setting up local waste collection centers(MRF´s and collection centers) where the waste will be separated, stored and prepared properly before sending it to recycling facilities in Kathmandu and India.

An idea in order to save on transportation costs to bring the waste out for recycling is to create a Pick up station in Namche Bazaar in cooperation with SPCC where different waste materials will be packed in
1 kg pouches(containing grinded plastics & papers, compressed metals, batteries, glass etc).
Returning visitors and their trekking guides will then be asked if they would care to carry one pouch with them back to Kathmandu. 
At Kathmandu airport there will be containers for each waste material where everyone can empty their pouch and take a selfie and send it to us and we will post it on our website and make them members of the Group ”Friends of Sagarmatha”.
With almost 70 000 visitors & Guides in Khumbu every year that would amount up to
70 000 kg of waste delivered free for recycling thru shared effort by everyone!

This trekking & climbing season has been very busy as usual with trekkers and Sagarmatha/Everest climbers going up and down every day!
We have had many visiting groups from all over the world passing by the construction site and the visitors have shown great interest in Sagarmatha Next, asking lots of questions about the project and the feedback we have received so far is so overwhelmingly positive, So Thank you all for your amazing support!
This is a great opportunity for us to communicate daily with hundreds of visitors and trekking guides and it´s very encouraging to get so much positive support which adds a lot of energy for all of us to continue the work!
The one kilogram pick up system concept is especially positively received and when everyone realize that one kilogram taken by each visitor will eventually result in 70 000 kilograms in total, if all visitors take part, that amazes everyone as well as encourage us that this is a truly great idea!
We hope and believe that this has the potential to be very successful as it not only saves a lot of money on transportation, but it shows that individual participation no matter how small the effort is, in the end makes a huge impact!

This season has been very successful on Sagarmatha/Mount Everest and the route to the top was since beginning of May very busy and more than 400 climbers made it to the top of the world!
Now in the month of June the tourist season has slow down as the monsoon season is approaching but we will keep on working and the plan is to complete the phase two construction and the walls of the buildings by the end of August.

As always you can follow the progress on our website: and if you feel that you would like to support us monetary there will soon be a plug in for donations on the website.
And as with the waste pick up system mentioned before, every contribution regardless of size does matter and we will make sure it goes to the cause of preserving the Khumbu region and keep Sagarmatha National Park clean for future generations!

Thank you again for your great support!

Tashi Delek,

Tommy Gustafsson
Project Director

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