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Sustainable Mountain Architecture


Sustainable Mountain Architecture is pro-people, pro-ecology and pro-local. Our award-winning team consists of a dynamic network of architects, planners, interior architects, bio-diversity specialists, landscape architects, conservation architects, structural designers, model makers, project managers, graphic designers, foremen and craftspeople.

Within the international team, the key members who work with Prof. Anne Feenstra and Himanshu Lal on the vision, the architectural design, the landscape design and implementation of the Sagarmatha Next project, are Sapana Shakya, Alisha Adhikari and Aman Raj Kathakho. Each member brings her (or his) unique experience, skills, energy and passion to the design process and to the building site.

We choose to work on a regular basis with salvaged material. This only increased after the two devastating 2015 earthquakes we had in Nepal. In multiple projects in South Asia, the team has demonstrated scrap and solid waste can be successfully up-cycled into building material. Passive solar energy is part of our design methodology.

Together with Himanshu Lal, Bikash Palikey and Rumi Singh Maharjan, SMA was established as a non-profit in Nepal 2013/2014 by Prof. Anne Feenstra –Laureate of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2012 (Paris)- who had shifted to Kathmandu, after 10 years of making sustainable & inclusive architecture for the mountain people of Bamyan, Wakhan, Uttarakhand, Ladakh and Sikkim. SMA has professional and academic affiliations in New Delhi, Amsterdam and Colombo.

SMA’s Team Members


Sn Name Country
1 Alisha Adhikari Australian
2 Aman Raj Khatakho Nepali
3 Andrew Wilson American
4 Anne Feenstra Dutch
5 Arpana Shakya Nepali
6 Asmita Shrestha Nepali
7  Avashana Pant Nepali
8  Ayuna Karmacharya Nepali
9 Bikash Palikhey German
10 Emmanuelle Lausent French
11 Harshbir Dhaul Indian
12 Himanshu Lal Indian
13 Heena Gyawali Nepali
14 Isabelle Lefebvre French
15 Karan Sharma Indian
16 Krishna Shrestha Nepali
17 Laxman Khanal Nepali
18 Manisha Sah Nepali
19 Maximilien Verhoeven Dutch 
20 Mees Temmink Dutch
21 Molly McGrath British
22 Nadia Ali Indian
23 Pauline Kerzerho French
24  Prateek Ratna Shakya Nepali
25 Rumi Singh Maharjan Nepali
26 Sapana Shakya Nepali
27 Saroj Bohara Nepali
28 Shuvashana Pradhan Nepali
29 Shyamli Dongol Nepali
30 Zaynah Rojoa Mauritian

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