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Super Local is a design studio, co-founded by Luc van Hoeckel and Pim van Baarsen that finds sustainable solutions for social and cultural problems.

90% of the world population is lacking the financial capacity for traditional design, but does have a need for well-designed products and insightful solutions. Products and services that make a difference and improves quality of life.

Both are passionate problem solvers and find themselves mostly in non-western countries. Consider them as fixers, getting things done wherever they go.

Their human-centered approach is hands-on and based on collaboration with local communities, organizations and partners. They like to work on bottom-up approach in a equal collaboration with the local communities.

Super Local believes solutions are always found in the country itself – by supporting the local economy, creating employment and encourage entrepreneurship they provide a positive impact. These things are impossible to accomplish without knowing the place. That’s why they love to visit those places and focus on the subject; doing extensive research and work on solutions to the problems faced by the people.

The result ranges from clever designed products, ready-made concepts and implementable services to complete local productions and case studies. Both commissioned as from their own initiative.